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Blue is the Colour

This evening, I launched my new ‘Sea Pebble Collection’.
Inspired by pebbles that are shaped by the movement of the ocean, I’ve enamelled organic shapes to make rings, pendants, earrings and studs.

Sea Pebble Rings

The Sea Pebble jewellery pieces have been enamelled with beautiful blues which have been laid over a texture of shell, wave and starfish detail and were inspired by the shallow waters of Mediterranean seashores.

Sea Pebble Pendant and Ring

The other Deep Sea Pebble pieces have blue enamel and a hint of green enamel over a smooth surface.

Deep Sea Pebble Collection

In Life, we have easy and difficult times but the difficult times are what really shape us. So we are a little like the pebbles in the ocean, shaped and healed by the sometimes turbulent blue waters.
I hope you love this collection as much as I do.
Keep well, Michelle 💙

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