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‘River Flow Stack Ring’. stack ring, silver multi rings, silver and gold , handmade jewellery, contemporary jewellery.



The ‘River Flow Stack Ring’ was Inspired by the fast running water of rivers and streams this 3 part stack ring sits beautifully on the finger. The centre ring measures approx 4mm in width and has a shiny, silver wave and 9ct gold ‘bubbles’ detail. The two out side rings measure approx: 3mm in width and are hammer textured. All the rings are finished in a matt white silver but if you prefer all shiny, please let me know at checkout.
Let me know the ring size you require and also please, whether the ring sizer you used was a narrow one (approx: 3mm in width) or a wide ring sizer ( approx: 6mm wide). This ensures that your ring is the perfect fit.

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