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Catching Up

2019 was a busy year, so its been a while since I’ve posted a Blog. I hang my head in shame. But here we are in Lockdown and I am finding the time to do one now.

I hope this finds you well as its been challenging times in the last couple of months, hasn’t it? I don’t know about you but despite the beautiful weather we’ve been having here, I am finding myself dreaming of sunny beaches and far off lands: a case of ‘the sea being bluer on the other side’ me thinks! Two of my favorite places on the planet are the Amalfi Coast, Italy and Ibizia. A lot of my jewellery, as you may have noticed is inspired by the sea. So I wanted to talk about a couple of my jewellery pieces. So staying in our homeland, the first is my Brighton Wave Pendant.

Brighton Waves Pendant 

A while back, the family went for a trip down to Brighton and as I sat on the pebbled beach looking out to sea, it took me back to my childhood. I always found it so mesmorizing watching the bright sun glittering on the surface of the water, dancing like little stars.

In my Brighton Waves Pendants, I wanted to catch the movement of the waves but also the vast bright white and blue sky above them, one no less beautiful or important than the other.

My second collection The ‘Amalfi Coast’ Collection was inspired by my many visits to the Amalfi Coast. The reason why I had the opportunity to visit this beautiful place so many times was because my mother was looking to move there. I never forget the first time I saw the sea with its never before seen colours, it took my breath away. After arriving at our Sorrento Hotel, we opened the shutters and what a view to behold. Before us, lay the Bay of Naples and in the far distance, Mount Vesuvius.

The Amalfi Coast Collection:

          Amalfi Coast Pendant                       Amalfi Coast Earrings                                      Amalfi Coast Scroll Earrings


These pieces are made from Sterling Silver and Enamel and each piece is made by myself with care and attention. If you would like to own one of these pieces, please visit my website or message me to place your order. Handmade uniquely, for you. Also, to see my up to the minute creations, please follow me on Instagram:

Be in touch, very soon, Michelle x

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  1. Diane

    I loved your blog.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on…

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